Nye’s Four Years Later: The puzzles of preserving valued places

Here's a 2015 article I wrote on losing our much-loved Nye's Polonaise lounge and polka bar in Minneapolis. It's updated with new photos that show what happened four years later. This article originally appeared in the May-June 2015 issue of Architecture MN Four Years After Demolition: Revisiting Nye’s Polonaise Room How can we save valued places whose … Continue reading Nye’s Four Years Later: The puzzles of preserving valued places

City Lighting for Character and Warmth

Finding the "Right Lighting" may be the best tool we have  to enliven the city nights By,  Frank Edgerton Martin Minnesota’s temperature extremes are hard on sidewalk paving and street trees. But our streetscapes don’t have to be so hard on us, especially during the occasional cold and rainy days of fall and spring. There … Continue reading City Lighting for Character and Warmth

Lessons from the late Great Metropolitan Building

Historical Drama A new volume from Larry Millett charts the history of an architectural landmark whose demolition sparked the preservation movement in Minnesota Metropolitan Dreams: The Scandalous Rise and Stunning Fall of a Minneapolis Masterpiece By Larry Millett. University of Minnesota Press, 2018 —Review by Frank Edgerton Martin.  Architecture Minnesota, March/April 2019   The year … Continue reading Lessons from the late Great Metropolitan Building

New England on the Praire

My new article for the Star Tribune—introduces a book that I'm writing on the settlement of the Great Plains and the overlay of Euro-American landscape aesthetics on land  quite recently inhabited by Native Americans Author's collection By Frank Edgerton Martin Special to the Star Tribune NOVEMBER 2, 2018 After the Civil War, many Minnesota towns created picturesque … Continue reading New England on the Praire

Small town parks—Rusticity

Many 19th century midwestern towns created their own "beauty spots"—interpreting and highlighting the landscape according to the aesthetic ideals that they brought from the east coast and from Europe. This Rustic Bridge in Davenport, Iowa brings the 18th century English ideal of the "picturesque" to the American prairie.  The circa 1910 postcard is from a … Continue reading Small town parks—Rusticity